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Riveting Waves is a project made by two music lovers from two different countries. What makes this site different from other review pages is that we combine our underground music tastes with the realm of literature. We are not at all experienced to judge any kind of musicality as we have no specific musical education under our belt, however we do appreciate art and aesthetics and we find that in underground music as well. We try to show that such subjective aspects are present even in the most ‘disgusting’ underground music (disgusting according to the public opinion in general). The music taste of ours include a vast range such as gothic, doom, neofolk, shoegaze, grunge, death metal, black metal, alternative, symphonic metal, all types of rock, and even underground pop (how conflicting!). Let us break down prejudices. So, welcome to our site and hope you’ll enjoy your stay.

Argus (Fatih) was born into a family of music lovers. He grew up listening to rock and blues music thanks to his father who has a separate music room with hundreds of LPs, CDs, some music instruments and accessories. The path he took shifted into metal music during his teenage years. He obtained two different undergraduate degrees on literature and culture (German and American). His MA thesis was all about music and culture, as he analyzed rock music and rebellion connection in the United States during the Civil Rights Movements. Currently he is doing his PHD and working as a university lecturer.

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Natalja O was born in a family of art lovers. Her father is a practicing artist, who makes artworks which range from expressionist paintings, figurative portraits, neo-expressionist style furniture to minimalist abstract murals made from coloured strips of “Luxaflex” windows blinds. Her mother worked in a museum of modern art. Natalja herself studied art history and now works both for a Dutch university as a writer/researcher and as a copy writer for magazines. For one specific project, she has been writing columns about art in the public space for over a decade now. Her father in particular has always been passionate about music, from the Ramones, The Beatles, Gram Parsons and Joy Division to Bach. Growing up, there was always music playing in the house. She has a love for post-rock atmospheric music, certain shoegaze styles, as well as melodic metal, trance music, classical music and certain pop genres. Preferably; music that has an epic wall of sound combined with transfixing -often melancholic- melodies. You can find her playlists here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPnMxL8MA60JBkrJ7ecWDtg/playlists?view_as=subscriber

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Please note that, the authors have slightly different music taste and understanding.

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