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March 15, 1996



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It is quite challenging to define the music made by This Empty Flow. With lots of melancholy and slow dreamlike riffs, they offer an authentic realm of music to their audience along with very touching and meaningful lyrical contribution. You may at times catch the feelings of sadness and despair thanks to the cloudy weather that dominates the scene of their music and that is why, this album is not for everybody. If you are easily influenced by what you hear instead of appreciating the musical composition or mimesis for a striking reality -the greyish side of life- then perhaps this album is not for you. For me, however, it was not a mood reducer; rather it was a pleasure to listen to this depressive gothic ambiance, as it accompanied a part of my essential inner feelings and made me realize I was not the only one going through those in this world. Their debut album Magenta Skycode bears those qualities just fine.

Once you get into the album with the opening track “Nowafter” you may realize that the band has a promising journey to offer. It is nonetheless a catchy song which is quite welcoming you into their nocturnal melancholia. As you move deeper into the album, you hear some well-balanced compositions of sadness. However, there are some points that may be perceived as monotone and even disturbing from person to person in this album. For instance, I found the 3rd song “Stream” quite ordinary and I did not like the noisy ambient composition that follows at the end of the song “Towards Distant”. Though, I also would like to mention two extraordinary songs by them: one is the instrumental song “Towards Distant” which I mentioned above. This song is certainly a joy to listen to with its percussions and piano compositions. Quite sad and vivid at the same time. Another stand out track is their masterpiece “Useless”. This song is unbelievable (just check out its lyrics, please!). Not only the lyrics but also the melody makes you feel quite helpless and stunned (in a good and subversive way I would say). You may find yourself staring at the ceiling and thinking aimlessly while listening to it, as this song functions as a great background for such contemplation.

Many would say that This Empty Flow offers a mix of the Cure and Slowdive to its listeners, but I would personally have to disagree with that. Even though some touch of those bands is apparent in their music, This Empty Flow has something unique into their style that somehow takes you to another layer of greyish feelings.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1 Nowafter 6:44
2 Useless 8:54
3 Stream 6:37
4 Towards Distant 8:25
5 Snow Blind 5:03
6 Distress 4:44
7 (But I Am) Still 6:27
8 Sweet Bloom Of Night Time Flowers 4:53

Line-up / Musicians

Jori Sjöroos
Aku-Tuomas Mattila
Jukka Sillanpää
Niko Sirkiä





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