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March 9, 2017



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I believe that I understand the rebelliousness displayed by black metal bands due to the essence and roots of the music they make. Being a continuation and evolution of punk music, metal first appeared in thrash and heavy forms. Black metal, however, was a definitive invention of the Nordic lands, turning the heavy metal into something more chaotic on purposely. The deliberate disaccord in music probably was a reflection of repugnance against order and systematization. They called it “true black metal” (and I am not much of a fan). It was not the musical quality it offered, but the soul and feelings. Does evolution ever stop though? They took the drum lines and harsh electric guitar riffs of this metal and integrated into symphonic, folk and progressive stuff. Today, we see less true black metal bands and more bands that tend to play black metal in a way that is rather prone to having smooth musical quality. Well, to keep it short: Wormwood is one of them.

Their debut album Ghostlands: Wounds from a Bleeding Earth is certainly an original piece. The album greets you with a nice soothing intro followed by a refreshing song. The songs are composed almost perfectly and they have different styles intermingled. You can hear, at times, some progressive guitar riffs, some orchestral passages, lots of folkish patterns, mellow guitar riffs, heavy guitar riffs, some sludge, some doom, brutal vocals, clean vocals and lovely female vocals, but all of them have harmony nonetheless. If you are not much of a black metal fan like me, please do not approach to this album with prejudice. I really and really enjoyed this album a lot. This is not a “boring” piece of music. If you like brutal vocals and some heavy riffs, but expect some musical quality as well, this is what you are looking for.

I would recommend you to check the songs Silverdimmans Återsken (what a beauty!) and Godless Serenade. You would hear what I mean by the harmony of some mellow atmosphere and dynamic black metal sound. Or just listen to Tidh Ok Odhe and get my drift.  Or if you want see some progressive guitar solos, check the final part of the song To Worship.

This is probably one of the best debut albums I have ever seen, coming from a melodic black metal band. If these guys keep up with their enthusiasm and originality, they will certainly become one of the cornerstones of the black metal scene.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1 Gjallarhornet
2 The Universe Is Dying
3 Under Hennes Vingslag
4 Godless Serenade
5 Oceans
6 Silverdimmans Återsken
7 Tidh Ok Ödhe
8 Beneath Ravens And Bones
9 The Windmill
10 What We Lost In The Mist
11 The Boneless One
12 To Worship

Line-up / Musicians

Vocals: Nine
Guitar: Rydsheim
Guitar: Nox
Bas: Borka
Drums: Johtun




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